Is that Cider we Sea? – First confirmed Cider!

Our first Summer Fest Ciders can now be revealed; SeaCider

SeaCider was founded by Mark Francis who started out as a Brewer in Brighton, Sussex. Mark would constantly be touring Sussex delivering his beer to pubs and driving around the local countryside. He soon noticed an abundance of apple orchards that were not harvested and left unloved. He also noticed that many pubs did not stock local cider and there didn’t seem to be many cider-makers left in Sussex.
After devouring every book he could find on cider-making and gathering up as many local apples as he could, he tentatively started to make cider and began selling it to pubs alongside his beer. After a lot of trial and error, Mark soon became as dedicated to making cider as he did beer.  

Expect to see such flavours as:- Bakewell Tart; Lemon meringue; Raspberry Ripple; Sticky Toffee Pudding; Gingerbread; Bourbon Barrel; Blueberry; Rhubarb