This year the music stage is sponsored by TBC.

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We have a varied music programme over the 3 days of the festival! We always ensure the the bill is an eclectic mix covering all genres of music to suit all tastes, ranging from, Soul, Rock, Indie, Ska, Glam-Rock, Folk, Irish, Tributes, Traditional Northumbrian, Rockabilly to Male voice choirs.

Here’s a small sample of a few of the Artistes who have played in recent years:-

Smoove & Turrell, Bessie & the zinc buckets, Scenes, Strictly Smoking big band, Jonny Boyle, APU, Peter Donegan, Blistered Molly, The Moobs, The Revolutionaires, Claypath, Granny Smiths Maggot, The Maverick Rejects, Hattie Murdoch, Beth Macari Band, Dalaro, The Soviets, Steve Daggett, Dust Town Dogs, Siamese Angel, The Stax Brothers, Allan Symons, Mike Memphis, Big Red & the Grinners, The Caffreys, The Kentucky Cowtippers, The Shakes, Groove Train, Simma, Josh Mclean, The Jitters, Paul Liddell, The Sleeze Sisters, Northern Sky, Rockabilly Chris, Carly Mckee, Betty & the bad cats, Karnival Kids, The Kahunas, The Lounge Lizards, Les Anderson, Taylor Payne, Skratch the surface, The Gilded Thieves, Flipside, Juke Joint Blues, Silver Skiffle, , The Sour Mash Trio, Reely Coel, Geoff Mull, Charlotte Yanni, Nathan Newton, Broken Levee, Band of Beards, Antonio Lulic & John Parker, Lowfell Ukes, The Acoustic Beatles, Soul Street, Ant Music, 10CCLO, Chloe Chadwick, Mollie Birmingham, Bob & Si, Northstar, Kelly & the sensations, Superheat, George Welch & Christine Jeans, Ste Johnson, The Stolen Stones, Soul Street, Terry & Sean,Phil David’s good times band, Tenth Avenue, Felling male voice choir, Jack Rabbit Slim, Newcastle Kingsmen, Emerald thieves, The Understudies, STAN the band, Giroscope, Paige Temperley, Swede Dreamz, Zen, Hip Hop Hooray, The Paul Skerritt Band, Big River, Trilogy and many more….

Would you or your band like to feature at future festivals, if so drop an email with a biog and a video or soundbite to

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